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and sixteen other men--signed the Portsmouth Compact, a model of constitutional government.
enturies and many streets are very narrow and compact, a leftover from the medieval era.
s became increasingly dominated by the Family Compact, a clique of wealthy individuals led primaril
the board and was the former chair of Social Compact, a Washington, D.C. organization dedicated to
Committee of the Piedmont Triad Early Action Compact, a regional clean air coalition., and a membe
cs, a harmonious set is a subset of a locally compact abelian group on which every weak character m
On the Characters of Certain Compact Abelian Groups advised by Nathan Fine (1956).
IXUS Z90 in Europe and IXY G in Japan, was a compact Advanced Photo System point and shoot camera
The Canon ELPH was a full-featured compact Advanced Photo System point and shoot camera
Hundreds of light and relatively compact Aeroscope cameras were used by British Army c
He originally represented a compact, affluent Uptown New Orleans House district.
The SX100 and later SX models are a more compact, affordable spin-off.
Support was given to the Afghanistan Compact, Afghanistan National Development Strategy an
t his parishioners to bind themselves against compact against drunkenness and sabbath-breaking.
Clarke participated in talks that led to the compact agreement for construction of the Washington
They all use the same compact aluminum alloy chassis, but with differing fe
They all used the same compact aluminum alloy chassis, but with different fe
ouncil was dominated by members of the Family Compact, an elite clique based in York.
The city remains an orderly, compact and leafy provincial center which could keep
Such sets are lightweight, compact and inexpensive, but like cards are more susc
to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and award Florida's 27 electoral votes to the
ition makes what would have been a relatively compact and culturally representative district into o
This once compact and politically balanced district received na
unity to do more to implement the Afghanistan Compact and stressed the importance of meeting the be
The district is very compact and it was built using a basic three parallel
The nucleus is pale, compact and central in position.
System is not very compact and has a high cost per m2 installed
hough only three camera models (SuperAmerica, Compact, and SL) were produced in significant quantit
The ride is very compact and contains several head chopper effects.
to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and award the state's 31 electoral votes to t
The most compact and branched isomer would be 3,3-di-tert-buty
uses a parabolic trough solar collector and a compact and efficient design to produce ice with no f
nder Sakharof's alternative rock band Minimal Compact, and a new track called "Deeply Disturbed", l
"Talkin' Bout a Revolution" - Leatherface Compact and Bijou EP 1992
one of forty-one signatories of the Mayflower Compact and was an assistant to the governor of the c
The constituency was a very compact and urban area, and was one of three division
An immense mass of limestone, very compact and of gray color, the mountain contains foss
Japanese housing is compact, and is too small for two families.
d outdoor, with a wide angle camera extremely compact and light-weight, compared to the large view
inium, and continually oscillates between its compact and expanded states.
The 60° angle makes it compact and more suitable for transverse mounting, bu
ch nearer underground), becomes slightly more compact and crystalline.
to be the whole space, because every point is compact and hence must lie in one of the compact sets
to NASA, Kepler-11's system is also the most compact and the flattest system yet discovered, surpa
s the 1980 recorded Tea At Two, which appears compact and monolithic and shows best the characteris
The storm was compact and powerful, but the city and surrounding ar
f Universities and Colleges (AGB), and Campus Compact, and has been an active participant on the Bu
Named Graphs and RDF Datasets which offers a compact and readable alternative to the XML-based RDF
to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and award the state's 15 electoral votes to t
The bunches are small and compact and the berries small, round and golden in co
cylinder and displacement, the engine remains compact, and is in fact 1 mm shorter than the previou
Compact and robust setup: Due to the simple design an
The shichirin is a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-move cooking stove.
and Minolta made available D-314i and D-316i compact and inexpensive flashes especially for it.
America's Walking City, because Boston's compact and high density nature has made walking an e
It is therefore an alkane, indeed the most compact and branched of the hexane isomers - the only
to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and designate Oregon's electoral votes to the
is therefore an alkane, specifically the most compact and heavily branched of the heptane isomers,
ill join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and designate its three electors to the candi
Draper was a member of the Family Compact and Harrison was a moderate Reformer, the pre
ayflower passenger, a signer of the Mayflower Compact, and a permanent settler of Plymouth Colony.
It is one of initially 150 southern compact and bright-nucleus galaxies studied and catal
Fairall's catalog of 150 southern compact and bright-nucleus galaxies contains galaxies
pological fields of sets that are separative, compact and algebraic are called Stone fields and pro
The teacher microphone is compact and designed to be worn like a necklace, for
proteins such as N-cadherin and fibronectin, compact, and bud off forming somites.
to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and award Washington's 11 electoral votes to
as noted for a smooth naturally ambling gait, compact and well-muscled build, and a good dispositio
Curl-crested Manucode, Manucodia comrii is a compact and large, approximately 43 cm long, bird of
spaces (ordered topological spaces, that are compact and totally order-disconnected).
Named Graphs and RDF Datasets which offers a compact and readable alternative to the XML-based Tri
A sympiesometer is a compact and lightweight type of barometer that was wi
The North Staffordshire Coalfield is a compact and heavily faulted coalfield,which is triang
ortionment acts that districts be contiguous, compact, and equally populated.
Not only was it far more compact and reliable than the modules that were state
e state into as many legislative districts of compact and contiguous territory as there are senator
lectoral College reform through an interstate compact, and wrote a foreword to the book Every Vote
ination numbers arise because diars is fairly compact and the As-M bonds are long, which relieves c
ir and Peter Ling, who had previously devised Compact and Crossroads.
th human-readability in mind: N3 is much more compact and readable than XML RDF notation.
They are the most inexpensive, compact, and widely used type of atomic clock, used t
estone consists of greyish-white or pale-gray compact, and sometime finely crystalline, medium to t
keep concentrically, making the castle into a compact and effective defensive structure, though it
draulic pressure was greater, permitting more compact and cheaper machinery and everything was at g
It is procumbent and compact and has smaller flowers but produces them in
e 2001 reapportionment made the district more compact and Republican than its predecessor, though i
ebraic, since every finite word happens to be compact and we certainly can approximate infinite wor
Komorners are small, slim pigeons-much more compact and delicate than the popular Racing Homer.
er gravity and, because the soil becomes more compact and less permeable with increasing depth, wil
In its youth, its dough is solid and compact, and its rind is white.
Lω,ω is also strongly complete, compact and strongly compact.
PS) film format and were known for being very compact and stylish.
attractive bridges and an unchanged and very compact and delightful medieval stone village centre.
The 5 was an easy-to-use, compact, and feature-packed film camera using core te
e the elemental composition of a sample, this compact and low power method is most often used on sp
se is coloured white to light cream and has a compact and elastic texture.
uicer uses a profiled screw style moulding to compact and crush fruit and vegetable matter against
The village is compact, and has a parish church (St Mary's); the Chu
ign is with a total length of 700m relatively compact and therefore affordable on the scale of a na
This is a small, compact annual herb forming clumps a few centimeters
It is a compact annual or perennial, which normally grows to
Compact Archive Systems
on of these took place in 2008 "within a more compact area and at reduced height."
nown from nine inscriptions from a relatively compact area in what are now Belgium, Luxembourg, wes
In Stejaru there is the most compact Aromanian community of Romania.
A squeeze manifold is a compact arrangement of valves and pressure gauges tha
The Australia Telescope Compact Array radio telescope
The compact array is a part of the Australia Telescope Na
The Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) is a radio telescope at the Paul
The Australia Telescope Compact Array
shes that circled the present location of the Compact Array.
It followed the compact arrow plan for the main hospital, with separa
The asylum follows the compact arrow design, with external villas.
districts were bizarrely shaped and far from compact as a result of racial manipulation.
Small valves may be so compact as to be barely noticeable, particularly when
It has a low spreading habit that is not as compact as most other mango trees.
e maintained, "the British fleet should be as compact as possible, in order to take the critical mo
but perhaps unsubtle, forms and colours in a compact assembly.
or his work on the formation and evolution of compact astrophysical objects such as neutron stars,
cross section by deducing the existence of a compact atomic nucleus from scattering experiments.
A Super 8 Film cartridge beside a Compact audio cassette for scale
lines launched by BMC at the same time - the compact Austin A40 Farina and midsized Wolseley 15/60
Pureit is available in four models: Classic, Compact, Autofill and Marvella.
nd amateur photographers keen to move up from compact automatic leaf shutter rangefinder cameras to
Its leaves are arranged in a compact basal rosette with long, narrow petioles emer
Its leaves are arranged in a compact basal rosette appressed to the soil.
After failing to procure a compact based on this plan either, the Lyttons instea
components of a potentially very powerful and compact battery.
The inflorescence is narrow and compact, bearing spikelets parallel to the stem inste
The compact became state and federal law on December 8, 2
e up to 1,000 years old and forms the largest compact beech forest in existence.
was the main object of the attested five-year compact between her and Bywaters shown in her letters
uld specify terms and conditions of mandatory compact between state and Indian tribes for gambling
noted with his brother John de Menteith in a compact between Bruce and the Stewarts on 20 Septembe
the understanding of gravitational waves from compact binary systems, and with Alessandra Buonanno,
a low mass star in a compact binary system (P ≤ 0.3 d).
Conversely, every unary language has a more compact binary version, the set of binary encodings o
N.9 was a compact biplane with single-bay wings of unequal span
It was a compact biplane of largely conventional configuration
ear infrared light reveal a highly symmetric, compact bipolar nebula with X-shaped spikes which imp
The hills form a compact block consisting of several hill ranges, and
manual mechanical camera bodies to much more compact bodies with integrated circuit (IC) electroni
The have a compact body and produce an average of one liter of m
aim of uniting the Non-Chalcedonians into one compact body with a definitely formulated creed.
It was designed to provide a compact boiler with ample heating surface and pre-dat
The compact boiler footprint permitted smaller designs th
f osseous tissue that form bones. Compared to compact bone, which is the other type of osseous tiss
is variable in appearance, forming a patchy, compact bramble or a spreading bush approaching two m
Its typical product is a soft compact bread formed into round, flat shapes.
ps were retrofitted with a strengthened, more compact, bridge, with redesigned watertight shields o
The trunk is compact, broad and muscular, the legs relatively shor
The Old English bulldog was compact, broad and muscular, as reflected in the well
It has medium sized, compact bunches with medium sized, cylindical shaped,
Beaunoir is quite vigorous, producing small compact bunches of small grapes.
r cultivar, Metrosideros fulgens 'Jaffa' is a compact bush producing brilliant burnt-orange flowers
unch tubes for unguided rockets, armed with a compact but powerful depth charge.
rison or private security guards who needed a compact but long-ranged weapon for use in confined sp
initions assert that Calabi-Yau manifolds are compact, but some allow them to be non-compact.
use most of the same accessories as Moviecam Compact but allows for even easier shooting from the
the leaves grow more quickly and remain more compact, but it tolerates a range of lighting.
tional transverse spatial dimensions that are compact but may be as large as one-tenth of a millime
he majority of the caverns and tunnels from a compact but highly tuned pseudorandom process - recre
branch habit, round-shaped form, and can kept compact by occasionally tip-cutting.
This annual fair is compact by state fair standards, yet covers every asp
Vintage Black Enamel Compact, c. 1960s
serves on the Executive Board of Campus Compact California and the Board of Directors of SONA
Both designs are based on a standard compact camcorder design, with a flip-out LCD screen
Final approval of the compact came in October of that year when the same bi
er image in its electronic viewfinder than in compact camera EVFs.
In the high-end compact camera market, its main competitor is the Pan
d lens, 35 mm film, leaf shutter, zone focus, compact camera introduced in 1984.
and Slim is a fixed focus fixed exposure 35mm compact camera with a 22mm f/11 lens.
nown as TL500 in US) is an enthusiast digital compact camera with a f/1.8-2.4 wide angle 3x (5.2 -
Compact camera
It is a compact camera loosely resembling a digital SLR camer
In the high-end compact camera market, its main competitor is the Pan
Digital Camera" award and the EISA "European Compact Camera" award in 2007.
-PL2 is aimed in between the point-and-shoot ( compact camera) and D-SLR markets.
the E-PL1 more aimed at the point-and-shoot ( compact camera) market, rather than the DSLR market (
The Olympus Superzoom 120TC is a 35mm compact camera, most notable for being able to contin
It is a fully automatic compact camera, without manual control of aperture an
The Trip 35 is a 35mm compact camera, manufactured by Olympus.
Mµ-II in other parts of the world, is a 35mm compact camera.
This approach had found favor in compact cameras such as the AF35M "Autoboy" (Japan) o
The µ Series consists of compact cameras characterized by small profiles, rela
Many digital compact cameras are criticized for having excessive p
The Ricoh GR is a series of compact cameras made by Ricoh.
A similar category to high-end compact cameras are mirrorless interchangeable lens c
r flash units built into small disposable and compact cameras, increasing for units delivering high
film but on a slimmer spool, for use in more compact cameras.
ing the main imager, again similar to digital compact cameras.
r via an electronic viewfinder, as in digital compact cameras.
een lawns and trees and cultural spots-on the compact campus ensures the enjoyment of the education
The concept was called Joyster, a three-door compact car intended especially for young people.
The Volkswagen Lavida is a compact car released by Shanghai Volkswagen Automotiv
' Compact Car of the Year 2009' award in Holland, by th
Japan Compact Car Promotion Association) prior to the found
volved in the development of the Ford Cortina compact car there and was noticed by Henry Ford II.
Bontino is a fully electric compact car developed by Brixxon Elektromos Auto of H
sidered as the first mass produced Volkswagen compact car, which was mainly designed by its Chinese

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