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The school was designed by Mary Rockwell Hook, a prominent Kansas City architect.
He invented the snook hook, a surgical instrument which is still used in s
ifle Brigade, who was in the donga, assisted to hook a team into a limber, went out; and assisted to
like over the phone, 'What about changing that hook a bit?' Chrome was the only one that came in th
esent on transverse section the appearance of a hook; a groove or furrow is thus produced, which is
patented the "Ormerod" safety link or detaching hook, a device that has saved thousands of lives in
sole games, including the lack of the grappling hook, a non-traditional camera angle (top-down inste
When confronted by Hook about Wendy growing up, marrying and eventually
Amy Lennox, and David Birrell again as Captain Hook, again receiving positive reviews.
o was the group's final single from the Off The Hook album which achieved moderate to low success wa
Some implementations such as hook allow these thresholds to be set as parameters.
They are frequently caught by hook an line fishermen from shore and by skiff as we
Naginata can be used to batter, stab or hook an opponent', but due to their relatively balan
features like the arm, bed, bucket, ball, fork, hook, and cab rotation.
the same are hereby disbanded, viz: Protection Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1, Hydrant Hose Company
e Soviet Union 1941-45 by Henry Skaida, Christa Hook and Henry Sakaida.
Revenge eventually fell apart, with Hook and Potts being the only members left.
e there, in 1874, he volunteered as a member of Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1; was promoted to assistant
The Hose and Hook and Ladder Truck Building is located in Thomast
r twice in the fourth round - first with a left hook and the second time with an uppercut - to take
In 1942, Bennett defeated Hook and was elected as a Republican from Michigan's
e who inhabited the Raritan Bayshore near Sandy Hook and Mount Mitchill in northern North Jersey in
Members Terry Hook and Dana Snitch left the band between 1974 and
Clermont, Red Hook and Tivoli have so far not chosen to apply any
It was originally recorded by Dr Hook and covered by the English singer Marianne Fait
is a 1987 British drama film directed by Harry Hook and starring Edwin Mahinda, Bob Peck and Phylli
The duo get off the hook, and Stefan takes his bar exam only to walk out
Hook and Ladder is a 1932 Our Gang short comedy film
re he could complete the lateral portion of the hook and ladder play New York was attempting.
ppinger refugees from Wecquaesgeek at Corlaer's Hook and Pavonia.
"Jessica" by Herbie Hancock is the main hook and "Dirty Feet," released in 1979 by Daly Wils
The Hook and Ladder No. 1 and Hose Co. No. 2 is a proper
Hook and Climb
song includes a memorable, unconventional piano hook and "woo woo" vocal samples.
il and Christine De Loach started a new winery, Hook and Ladder.
by studio drummer Steve Gadd, which became the hook and color for the song.
In March 2007, Hook and Potts performed Monaco songs together at th
Rocky possesses a straight punch, a hook, and an uppercut, as well as various combos.
hen a Fairey Firefly landed without an arrestor hook and was stopped by the safety barrier.
isheries throughout its distribution, caught by hook and net methods and marketed fresh and salted,
Hook and Ladder is a 1924 Western film directed by E
abdominal segment two through nine has a curved hook, and there is a single, rear-facing spine on ev
e was constructed in 1875 to be used by Bayonne Hook and Ladder Company #1.
in the dual roles of George Darling and Captain Hook, and Marcia Henderson as Wendy.
Hook and the Tolworth area of Long Ditton were added
Dowling was a founding member of Houston's Hook and Ladder Company Number One fire department a
r as many shelves of books as they could, while hook and ladder trucks sprayed water through the hig
1871, the first volunteer fire company, Dallas Hook and Ladder Company #1, was organized.
At the time, route K2 ran only between Hook and Kingston.
he census-designated places of Kieler and Sandy Hook and the unincorporated communities of Fair Play
Dunbar-Vinton House is a historic house at Hook and Hamilton Streets in Southbridge, Massachuse
d "Is That Yo Bitch", with a slightly different hook and no verses by Bleek, was included in the Eur
ng Joy Division and New Order bass player Peter Hook) and Al's Lads.
band members Rick Donmoyer, Dana Snitch, Terry Hook, and Terry Brett had played in several amateur
In 1970 it was rebuilt with a hook and was noted in the Guinness Book of Records a
s won by Kansas City and "its famous engine and hook and ladder company No.1"'
Brighton & Hove Albion reserves, goalkeeper Lee Hook and utility player Jay Lovett plus three other
Samuel Hook and John B. Sherrard obtained a hotel license o
ll, much of North Hampshire, including Bramley, Hook and Tadley, a part of southern Oxfordshire, inc
Keystone Hook and Ladder Company is located in Reading, Penns
Andover Hook and Ladder Company Building, is located in Ando
include a confrontation with the pirate Captain Hook and his crew.
A group of pirates, led by Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, wield the flag of the Jolly Roger
rare trick play called the hook-and-ladder, or hook and lateral, in which quarterback Alex Smith th
A hand-drawn lubok featuring ' hook and banner notation'.
stly around in the oil refinery areas of Marcus Hook and Trainer) to the southern and western portio
rms of torture: she was hung by her hair from a hook and beaten until she fainted due to broken ribs
thold Indian Reservation from the cities of Van Hook and (Old) Sanish, forcing the creation of New T
Bones are two people who also work for Captain Hook and they sing songs too.
He keeps a lookout for Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.
Its neighbouring villages are Odiham, Hook and Winchfield and the current representative o
ains that attend, including her co-host Captain Hook and other villains, such as Cruella De Vil, Cla
y Woody Allen, Herbert Farjeon, and Nina Warner Hook and songs by Jerry Herman, Fred Ebb, Mary Rodge
ips up the ticket, then takes the phone off the hook and settles down for a night of television and
The cathedral has a Hook and Hastings pipe organ built in 1875, the larg
1997 the Supertones headlined a tour with Ghoti Hook and Stavesacre, and the next spring opened for
31, 1858, the department had 14 hand engines, 3 hook and ladder carriages, and 6 hydrant (hose) carr
om the Ringmaster, The Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook and the Queen.
latinum albums: Hummin' Comin' at 'Cha, Off the Hook, and Traces of My Lipstick.
xes at Port Jersey, Greenville Yards, Constable Hook, and others along the shores of the Upper New Y
Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company, Fire Station No. 2 is a his
The Aetna Hose, Hook, and Ladder Company houses a Tiller Ladder, Two
oommate Tamara) in his usual gory ways with his hook and making it appear to the authorities that Ca
on the first song "Evaride" but only sings the hook) and was also his first album to not feature an
s created by landfilling of the shore at Paulus Hook and has been major transportation hub since the
The parishes of Hook and Tolworth were added from the short-lived Ki
rs in Goldmember, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Hook, and Edward Scissorhands.
ic communities of Basingstoke, Tadley, Andover, Hook and all the villages in that area.
se profile of the tooth (including gullet area, hook angle and top clearance angle) must be maintain
York Container Terminal, which operates Howland Hook, announced the opening of on-dock rail service
e song "split the difference between guaranteed hook appeal and a decent simulation of emotional tru
Hook appeared as a member of Megatron's forces in th
Its nearest town is Hook approximately 4 miles (6 km) away although it l
Other companies locating in Hook are BMW Group Financial Services, Lenovo, Serco
ownership and improvements in 18th-century Red Hook are scant because most of the land in the villa
At the bottom a miner's lamp and a coppicing hook are depicted, in reference to the mining and ch
Blake Street railway station serves the Hill Hook area of Sutton Coldfield, England.
Rear view of the Colgate Clock in the Paulus Hook area
14 miles (23 km) wide at its widest point (Van Hook arm).
ns, Lady in the Water, Peter Pan, First Knight, Hook as well as Independence Day, and the Star Trek
rs' War as a director, Escape from New York and Hook as a screenwriter, and Tap as both.
The song features Iyaz singing reggae-rhythmed hook, as New Boyz deliver their lines in a "sing-son
of the United States George W. Bush designated Hook as Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Inte
kendama, which he uses as a flail and grappling hook as well as for his special attack "Kenda-Magic"
nti-nuclear theme, remaking the central lyrical hook as "stop radioactivity" and also referring to "
e slender spine featuring a prominent loop-like hook at its end (see figure).
cutting through the first stroke, with a small hook at the end facing left.
Underway from the ordnance pier at Sandy Hook at 11:50 on 20 November, bound for the Scotland
Mason defeated Liaudin via submission (heel hook) at 2:55 of round 1.
Lobina came up with the "da ba dee" hook at the end of this line.
by German spies, and moved development to Sandy Hook at Fort Hancock, the coast artillery defense si
They also use a line a hundred feet long with a hook at the end which they let down to take samples
Pointon defeated Mason via submission (heel hook) at 1:26 of round 1.
of rope with an eye loop at one end and a metal hook at the other" or a piece of "flat nylon webbing
Hook at the Dresden Olympiad, 2008
The seeds are black and resemble beans, with a hook at one end that can catch in the throat if swal
t characteristic of the player's biplane is the hook attached to its rear section.
ad the traditional metal cap and loop, with the hook attached to the loop, from which the ornament w
This game involves swinging a metal hook attached to the roof on a piece of string towar
Hook authored a book as well as various magazine and
es that, with the noteworthy exception of Sandy Hook Bay (NJ), have filled many niches in the world'
o Middletown Point, on the south coast of Sandy Hook Bay, and landed on the beach at the foot of the
ssorhands, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Misery, Hook, Beauty and the Beast, Final Analysis, The Rock
James Hook becomes musical director of Marylebone Gardens
, which comprises Fort Greene, Boerum Hill, Red Hook, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Sunset Park and Park Slope
riments with explosives, and replaced it with a hook, being known to the police as the "man with the
resenter and creator of Factory Records), Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner (Joy Division and New Order), M
rical control, backshell divider, personal coat hook, beverage table, book bag and personal stowage,
dingfield with its pure soul/pop template and a hook big enough to catch a mountain bass."
bird disappeared along with many like the Lanai Hook bill which had disappeared earlier.
cky, New York, N.Y., A Star is Born, King Kong, Hook, Blues Brothers, Robin and Marian, The Domino P
ment, Katrazz and Kidd defeated Apollo Kahn and Hook Bomberry.
es and represents the crosier and the martyrdom hook, both of or in saltire with two palm branches o
s of Kingston, across the Hudson River from Red Hook, bought a popular Silk City Diner from the Pate
In addition to print, The Hook branched out into other media in 2006 with the
terminus at U.S. Route 340, south of the Sandy Hook bridge over the Potomac River and east of Harpe
what made the Pan refuse to grow, was that the Hook brings you back".
Massabesic Brook is formed by the confluence of Hook Brook and Preston Brook in Auburn, New Hampshir
Fifteenth Street Line, Hamilton Ferry in Red Hook, Brooklyn to Coney Island
a 7,000-square-foot (650 m2) factory in in Red Hook, Brooklyn that formerly manufactured filing cab
r Bros. for William Bryant, Jr. and Lucinda A. ( Hook) Bryant, his wife.
o build a country mansion, which he called 'The Hook', built in the style of the Government House in
, and the player can release the objects on the hook by pressing the hook button again.
uld drag pupils over desks and hang them from a hook by their blazers onto the blackboard if they di
by trying to ignore Prince Charming and Captain Hook by singing the On the Good Ship Lollipop to him
pter in the world, Mil Mi-6 NATO reporting name HOOK, C-130 Hercules and Antonov An-12 NATO reportin
-rock-pop genre, just as was New Order's music; Hook carried over his recognizable style of playing
oklyn that encompasses the neighborhoods of Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Gowanus, and Cobb
" were power chord driven and defiant, yet also hook centered and melodic.
l (the main channel into the Narrows) and Sandy Hook Channel, which continues west into Raritan Bay.
"Video Games Aim to Hook Children on Better Health" by Christopher Lee,
create and modify Record Types, Fields, Lists, hook code and scripts in a simple fashion.
Hook Common is a hamlet in the civil parish of Hook
The hamlet is situated in Hook Common (which gives its name) and lies approxim
the Tridentine Mass in a private home in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.
ex Hook.) consists of three to five species of desert-d
The hook contains a vocal sample of KRS-One's "Build Ya
osion and, from that time on, wore a prosthetic hook covered by a glove, thus earning the nickname "
On September 14, 2008 Guy Off the Hook debuted on Food Network.
Hook defeated incumbent Republican W. Frank James in
route enters the state from Delaware in Marcus Hook, Delaware County.
Tracey Van Hook, Development Director
e Kastin as Peter Pan and Peter Land as Captain Hook, directed by Stephanie Sinclaire and featuring
ammonia salt, burned copper, or lid past and a hook dissection with a feathered quill for chronic s
ck "All Fall Down," which is based on a musical hook done in cello that is repeated throughout the w
On his death in 1594 in Hook, Dorset the title passed to his younger brother
Hook Drive
the clearly signposted and very scenic Ring of Hook drive.
atholic Archdiocese of New York, located in Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York City.
It was by then, he discovered that the hook echo can produce the strongest tornadoes.
The high dose hook effect is an artefact of tumor marker immunoass
An undetected hook effect may cause delayed recognition of a tumor
The hook effect can be detected by analyzing serial dilu
Absent hook effect, reported quantities of tumor marker in
aggs, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Dr. Hook, Elkie Brooks, Millie Jackson and Julian Lennon
, including Roger Daltrey, David Gilmour, Peter Hook, Elton John, Robert Plant and several contempor
Although located in the parish of Blackmore, Hook End and Wyatts Green it is adjacent to the vill
Blackmore, Hook End and Wyatts Green is a civil parish in the B
age of Blackmore, along with the settlements of Hook End and Wyatts Green.
He then stabs Matt with the hook end, but doesn't hit any organs.
lane's movements, and the 2 buttons to shoot or hook enemies.
he glyph it goes with, the Rheinische Dokumenta hook explicitly goes to its center.
He was provost in Utrecht and as leader of the Hook faction, led the resistance against Rudolf van
In 1840, the property was purchased by the Hook family who began operating the building as a ta
The Hook family and its descendants owned the tavern and
irgin Islands were paired with the USA team and Hook famously faced the legendary Bobby Fischer.
The Hook features include the "HotSeat" (in which Charlo
Hook featuring Ray (Eye Patch) Sawyer".
Momordica cymbalaria ( Hook., Fenzl ex Naud.) is a vine of the Momordica ge
Newark and downtown Manhattan at and the Paulus Hook Ferry Terminal are avaialable at Exchange Place
and villages include Eversley, Hartley Wintney, Hook, Fleet, Odiham, Bentley, Bordon, Headley, Selbo
suggested that the party must not get "off the hook for their dalliances with some of the worst rac
I think they make a useful visual ' hook' for the infobxes.
an Science Monitor, which commented, “The duo's hook for a movie is to document their gimmicky journ
I'm an entertainer, there isn't a hook for ethics.
t of fly tying, the art of tying materials to a hook for the purposes of fly fishing.
to collaborate on a single, and Bono wrote the hook for "Stranded" while on the phone with Beatz.
Peter Hook formerly of Joy Division has said he regards th
In 2006 after numerous label changes, Hook founded his own label LBM Records, sourced with
ong "Snob Hop" featuring Camp Lo which uses the hook from Black Sheep's song "Flava of the Month" fo

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