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m the River Taff down the Melingriffith feeder stream, a water course that doubled as a canal that c
ning the downstream flow from a Rio Bravo to a stream a foot deep.
e SW 856 483 where a lane crosses the Trevella Stream, a tributary of the Truro River, on a stone br
Nearby is a viaduct over the Nailbourne Stream, a tributary of the River Stour.
nd means someone who lives by water or a small stream a Brook.
A small stream, a tributary of Dollis Brook, crosses the lane
In a flowing stream, a riffle-pool sequence (also known as a pool-
This gives the stream a lowered temperature and density, making inha
apparatus consists of a flame or other hot gas stream, a filament, and a camera.
As it reached the Gulf Stream, a small but intense area of convection develo
its source to Saint-Omer, it is a small chalk stream; a small version of the Somme.
A small stream, a tributary of Dollis Brook, flows through th
It spans the Castle Mill Stream, a backwater of the River Thames.
The garden features a man-made circulating stream, a wedding gazebo, and a variety of artistic a
The property included a bubbling stream, a tennis court, and a pair of rubber trees th
To qualify as a stream a hydrological feature must be either recurrin
1906 the Walnut Lane Bridge was built over the stream, a world-class undertaking at the time, the wo
It was used to divert the Disa Stream, a tributary of the Hout Bay River, westward t
new 380 sqm Pera SPA with indoor pool with jet stream, a traditional Hammam, steam bath, jacuzzi, sa
Current ( stream), a current in a river or stream
ficient power is coupled to the flowing sample stream, a partially vaporized mixture is produced con
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers declared this stream a navigable stream of the United States in 200
y Creu means a pound as in animal pound by the stream, a pound was known to have been sited on groun
nd' area of Skellow where it joins the Ea Beck stream, a tributary of the River Don, of which it joi
It was beside the Talbot Inn on Wharf Stream, a tributary of the Thames.
Nunia, a small stream about 40 km long has its origin near Adra vill
road from Helles to Krithia across the Dere, a stream about 45 metres west of the cemetery and just
Nunia, a small stream about 40 km (25 mi) long has its origin near A
rie Dog Town Fork Red River is a sandy-braided stream about 193 km (120 mi) long, formed at the conf
Upstream entrance to Clewer Mill Stream above Bush Ait
Lalakea Stream above the falls has been diverted for irrigati
The Dearborn is a Class I river for stream access for recreational purposes from the high
attempt to avenge Xiang Chong but falls into a stream accidentally and dies under dozens of enemy ar
is classified as a third-order (i.e., lowest) stream according to the German system of body-of-wate
dency when they are concentrated in the reject stream, acid is dosed to maintain carbonates in their
hoods are enclaved in the cliffs of the nearby stream, across the stream the McClure Country Place a
he garderobe tower which extends over the mill stream added in the early 13th century to provide san
lteration from the Native American name of the stream adjacent, called by the Swedes and English, Gu
ent from Tal y Llyn Ogwen, first following the stream, Afon Lloer, to the mountain lake of Ffynnon L
Their runoff empties into the Apenke stream after flowing for just a few metres.
is currently the chairman of the board of Nord Stream AG, after having been hired as a global manage
It also has 9% of shares in Nord Stream AG, the project company for the Nord Stream pi
ropical storm, but as it crossed over the Gulf Stream again, it restrengthened back into a hurricane
us stages: yellow in color, fires a continuous stream aimed at the player, while a second curtain of
Stream aired on TV Tokyo on October 2, 2004, Beast on
e boats that travel miles out towards the Gulf Stream almost every day.
The cold front combined with a strong jet stream aloft resulted in the development of severe th
he dwarf would be spread out in a long stellar stream along its path, which were subsequently detect
a sewer line that is routed next to the buried stream along Lincoln Drive.
rg and Ommen, taking in the water of the Regge stream along the way.
The stream also provided clean water and a natural path t
The small river Wyncham Stream also flows from Chislehurst northward through
Bulstake Stream, also spelt Bullstake Stream, is a backwater o
w from the lake is called Afon Dulyn, and this stream also feeds water into neighbouring Llyn Eigiau
usually applies to a single parity bit per bit stream, although it could also be used to refer to a
ebirds, a salt marsh, a kettlepond, a mountain stream, amphibians, snakes, and turtles.
Others reject such notions, and consider Third Stream an interesting musical development.
hiopian village, an herb garden, an artificial stream, an amphitheater, classrooms and a memorial to
On the other side of the island is Castle Mill Stream, an old navigation channel that runs to the ea
t up by the monks of the Abbey on the Millhead Stream, an engineered water course tapping the waters
Lady Precious Stream: an old Chinese play done into English accordi
ve, a tropical garden with 20-ft waterfall and stream, and a room resembling an aristocratic dining
The Internet stream and web hosting for the BLU FM website was pro
shire and Derbyshire follows the course of the stream, and continues along the river as it passes to
om L.K.G to 10th standard in the matriculation stream and 11th and 12th Standard, in the higher seco
area also included at the time cultivation, a stream, and canals.
Blink FM is available via Internet stream and also through 87.9 FM on radio sets within
rs, and to lessen environmental impacts on the stream and the Wallkill watershed as a whole the Open
l built by a dam on the Noroton River (a large stream and now the Darien-Stamford border) just north
broadcasted on 1251 Medium Wave, through a web stream, and across the two college campuses.
age Treatment Works is located adjacent to the stream and discharges up to 15 Ml of water per day in
st is stored; though some remains in the blood stream and may contaminate tissue.
you have this personal relationship with this Stream and that you have this magnificent Guidance Sy
sink, or flow underground (a sinking or losing stream) and then reappear in a nearby stream valley.
Indians had later found his body further down stream, and even produced McCully's shoe and wristwat
required considerable energy to move boats up stream and meanwhile the mill would see a sudden flow
the City of Statesville which includes a small stream and large pond which can possibly be utilized
stern Maine from the confluence of Millinocket Stream and Munsungan Stream in Maine Township 8, Rang
Trail Creek is a designated trout and salmon stream, and supports one of the few remaining cold wa
ncil, inventoried the natural resources of the stream and watershed to produce a management plan.
the river Fiora, stretching back to the Olpeta stream and the lago di Mezzano, from which the Olpeta
Glassware used in the vapor stream and condenser can be simple or complex, depend
Cornmill Stream and Old River Lea
Weir River is a short stream and estuary that empties into Hingham Bay, par
m's remnants were caught in an upper-level jet stream, and steered towards Europe.
The exhausted force reached the Gniloy Tikich stream and established a small bridgehead on the east
ur also purchased a vacant parcel containing a stream and trail that adjoins this park, and falls be
ional systems and Kelvin's theorem; Magellanic Stream and local group dynamics; Dark matter: large s
sists of a suspension bridge crossing the weir stream and linking the island to Teddington.
village has a church, a village hall, a small stream and a Millennium Green.
ginal format on-the-fly into a format that can stream and play on the specific phone in question.
ast Meadow, Roosevelt, Franklin Square, Valley Stream, and Elmont.
iving and evaporating sea-water into a hot air stream, and on the other side for condensing freshwat
tream tip of Formosa Island between Odney weir stream and Cookham Mill stream
fficials later confirmed a microburst in Carol Stream and Glendale Heights in DuPage County just wes
The show is also accessible via download, live stream and free podcast at Go Vegan Radio's webpage.
method consists of filling the flow area with stream and equipotential lines, which are everywhere
ills dropping into the valley of the Krebsbach stream and Thyra river.
al-progressive Internet talk show via live web stream and YouTube.
It represents a woodland scene - a flowing stream and a single house upon the bank.
the magician enchants her to think she sees a stream, and then breaks it after she has hiked up her
with Main Street, as a primary route to Carol Stream and Bloomingdale.
The enzyme circulates in the blood stream and breaks down (hydrolyzes) angiotensinogen s
he local velocity at a given point in the flow stream and not the average velocity in the pipe or co
The campus, which includes a stream and small working farm, is located on 22 acres
s northward to the West, along the path of the stream and to the East, along the track to Penelewey.
due to low shear and warm waters from the Gulf Stream, and Alex intensified into a hurricane on Augu
may reduce these impurities entering the blood stream and help avoid vein problems such as collapsed
according to the Talmud, God, a tree, a nearby stream, and the walls of the house of study all agree
ion of religion, later published as The Living Stream and The Divine Flame.
int it became the most listened to dance radio stream and eighth most listened to of any radio strea
nds Survey" which included cleaning the school stream and pond to improve the conditions of the fres
West Orchard, from which it is separated by a stream, and half way between Shaftesbury and Sturmins
this can cause a flood wave to travel down the stream and into the cave.
rance to the harbour is deep with a fast tidal stream and to the east of the main harbour entrance c
is re-use as a means to reduce their own waste stream, and so to reduce their direct costs.
flatwoods, cypress domes, freshwater marshes, stream and lake swamps, sandhill and scrub over a com
pport bars and wall bars ; improvements to the stream and lake including new bridges; and new planti
Mill Lane, the southern one crossing the weir stream and the northern one crossing the lock cut.
versing this process is known as daylighting a stream and is a visible form of river restoration.
e of air is the pressure in a free-flowing air stream and is depicted by isobars in weather maps.
he attended Holy Name of Mary School in Valley Stream and for high school attended The Mary Louis Ac
gs have a length of 51 feet (16 m) up and down stream and are 6.56 feet (2.00 m) wide with the excep
Situated at the confluence of the Sierning stream and the River Schwarza, at the western end of
ssociation (MCA), he split ranks with the main stream and left the party in 1956, over major differe
y system-Iota Horologii- belongs to the Hyades stream and may be an escaped member of the cluster.
cal map it is located on the wrong side of the stream and rather too close to the mountain.
s at Willet, flows north through the hamlet of Stream, and close to the former manor house of Willit
, water or proper clothing, before following a stream and telephone line out of the woods near Stacy
But the Goryeo general Gang Gam-chan dammed a stream and released it as the Khitan troops were cros
it lives usually in the riverbed with constant stream and high oxygenation.
to Kivach, an arbour on the right bank of the stream and a bridge slightly downstream.
The Germama is not a navigable stream, and flows with a great volume during the rain
To the east flows the Cornmill Stream and the southern boundary is formed by the B19
hm identifies tags and keywords in the Twitter stream and then ranks them by how frequently they app
wild garden, with lime-tree avenues, shrubs, a stream and pond.
transfer functionality over any reliable data stream, and to be the standard file transfer protocol
emains a Steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) stream and according to Leidy may have supported Coho
and accessed down a narrow lane, then across a stream and up a steep bank on foot.
r tributaries of the south branch are Cooper's Stream and the River Slea.
ion, (ii) isomerization of part of the product stream, and (iii) dehydrochlorination of 3,4-dichloro
teous finally managed to climb up the bed of a stream and pulled the others up with a rope.
Croglin is the name of a village, beck ( stream), and grange in Cumbria in England.
rate on his own or can pull out of the general stream and not be missed."
Bartley Water is a stream and river going through the New Forest distric
valley below the mountain is a "Class A" trout stream and popular among local fisherman.
ge brought about by the re-routing of the Gulf Stream and the subsequent freezing over of Europe, wi
It is an urban stream, and lies entirely within Allegheny County, Pe
It is traversed by a stream and includes an unused railway embankment, and
It is joined by another stream and runs through Claygate and Littleworth Comm
itch was completed diverting water from Mohihi Stream and the headwater of the Waimea River in the A
rge playground and playing field bordered by a stream and nature area.
Several tributaries feed this stream, and they have varied terrain.
ted to use the ship's boats, together with the stream and kedge anchors, to pull the ship off, but t
short eastward boundary which is bordered by a stream and the main road through the town.
t lower level "The Dell" with a wooded valley, stream and wild garden below.
s a 2.5 mile (4 km) nature trail with a swamp, stream, and the 4 acre (1.6 hectare) Mullis Pond.
The stream and surrounding areas are protected wetlands.
They cooked this rice on the bank of the stream and ceremoniously served it to the volunteers.
on unless heat is regenerated between the flue stream and the incoming air stream.
ng up on either side of the Bhogavati Ganga, a stream, and has better roads and streets as compared
,000 m2) lake was created in 1927 by damming a stream and flooding a small pond and surrounding swam
Falls have formed on a short, seasonal stream and are falling over the edge of one of the ta
s that extract kinetic energy from the upgoing stream and turn it into electricity.
The Moordener Kill, is a stream and a tributary to the Hudson River that flows
Simplon Pass, on the right bank of the Saltine stream, and a little above its junction with the Rhon
uilt into the bank, a short distance above the stream, and has been partly restored some years past
ssion of the Southern vessels, towed them down stream, and anchored them at the mouth of the creek.
more than a mile of a Chesapeake Bay tributary stream and a wetland the size of 16 football fields i
asily by changing the distance between the arc stream and the workpiece surface.
ng gas lowers the effect (quality) of that gas stream and the thermal efficiency of the process.
ocolate bars was drained off, it fell off in a stream and created folded chocolate with flaking prop
They also feature a live stream and a playlist archive at their website.
The slow-moving Cornmill Stream and Old River Lea form a freshwater habitat wi
The Cornmill Stream and Old River Lea is a Site of Special Scienti
See Coriolis Effect, Jet Stream, and Atmospheric Pressure for more information
r and passes through a plate that diffuses the stream and blocks large contaminants (e.g.
in a grave 100 foots away from the hut to the stream, and their heads, skinless and stuffed, were s
It is probably the largest stream and watershed whose sources and mouth are enti
Both an Antarctic stream and glacier were named for Doran by the U.S. G
the inner face of the companion star, the gas stream and the impact region of the gas stream on the
he sink point of the Hune (pronounced "Honey") stream, and close the border in County Cavan.
onsidering only particulates carried on an air stream and a fiber mesh filter, diffusion predominate
r, the monster sees a young girl tumble into a stream and rescues her from drowning.
re between a run (a smoothly flowing part of a stream) and a cascade.
hallow slow-moving water (for example, along a stream), and the stem extends above the water slightl
Commonly found in Mountain stream and rivers of Maharashtra.
e, and completed Intermediate from the Science stream, and later received a diploma in ‘Electrical L
It is a western boundary current like the Gulf Stream, and is indeed its southern counterpart; howev
of Pennsylvania Route 51 runs parallel to the stream, and this section is known as Saw Mill Run Bou
ts within the congregation split with the main stream and founded the North Schraalenburgh Reformed
ludes the mill building, a portion of the mill stream, and the site of the mill pond.
runs south from the crossings betwenn Kingsley Stream and Oxney Stream down to the village of Oakhan
Black Aces (who finished second in the Inland Stream) and F.C. Cape Town (who finished second in th
n the school are referred to as the 'embedded' stream and the 'python' stream.
as a competitor to the Nabucco pipeline, White Stream, and South Stream pipeline projects.
It is classified as a stream and is named after a gentleman named Raleigh G
nities except a stone trough fed by a hillside stream, and the village telephone box.
nshire around Neil Campbell, Stewart Keith and Stream Angel, with other contributions by Richard You

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