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too long to fit in ~  - コンピューター用語辞典


not included within the realm of language  - 日本語WordNet


Get medical attention if irritation persists.  - Weblio Email例文集


He really doesn't calm down once he gets excited.  - Weblio Email例文集


educational activities not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum  - 日本語WordNet

年が整数型に収まらない場合、NULL を返す。

It may return NULL when the year does not fit into an integer.  - JM


Atsume Kyogen is the miscellaneous collection of programs that do not fall under the above-mentioned classifications.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス

は 2 以上でなければならない。 段に収まらない行の余計な分は切り捨てられる。

Lines that don't fit in a column are  - JM


the contract specified forfeits if the work was not completed on time  - 日本語WordNet


If a line is too long to fit in a column, it is truncated.  - JM


To prevent photographing in the case where a part of the legs lower than the knees of a person is not settled within an image. - 特許庁

必要な情報が 1 画面に収まらないことも多いので、できれば script(1)を使って出力を記録します。

Note that there may be several screens worth of information; ideally you should use script(1) to capture all of them.  - FreeBSD


There are other works that do not fit into the 5-7-5 form, such as those with less than the fixed number of syllables and those with overlapping verses.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


Where the reproduction exceeds the space in size, it shall be mounted upon hard and durable paper.  - 特許庁


However, backlash within the administration against the birth of 'mega-government office, Okura-sho' was not settled.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


To provide an imaging apparatus which prevents a failure where an object cannot be accommodated within a recorded image during photographing the object and which will not miss photographing opportunity. - 特許庁


A note decided not be within the display range is shifted by an octave and is made to be within the display range corresponding to the staff type (S22). - 特許庁


To prevent a failure to occur because a setting range for performing image formation is beyond a range available for the image formation. - 特許庁


To provide a laser beam machining apparatus capable of keeping the positioning accuracy of the moving path of an irradiated laser within permitted limits when laser machining of a curved shape is performed. - 特許庁


To provide a visual examination system capable of detecting large abnormalities that are not received in a visual field without overlooking the same, and to provide a visual examination method. - 特許庁


To solve the conventional problem in which positional accuracy of a moving route in laser irradiation goes beyond an allowable range in performing laser beam machining of a curved shape. - 特許庁


An object whose size is to be determined may be too small to write the size text in a space defined by extension lines. - 特許庁


The setting of the reduction limit size is operated when the content is not stored in the rectangular region, and when the content is not stored in the rectangular region even after the content is reduced toward the preset reduction limit from the rendering result of the content corresponding to the rectangular region whose layout has been performed. - 特許庁

ベトナム語がこの場所を使うように提案したが、ISO 8859 が提案する(合成でない) 96 文字に収まらなかった。

While Vietnamese has been suggested for this space, it does not fit within the 96 (non-combining) characters ISO 8859 offers.  - JM

最小の拡大率は 33% であり、また大きな図はウィンドウに収まらない可能性があることに注意してください。

Note that the minimum scale size is 33% and some large diagramsmight not fit entirely the window.  - NetBeans


Unhampered by traditional 'iemoto of chado,' he is active in many fields such as being interested in rock and SF.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


If the charging time does not come within the staying time, the controller 5 calculates a charging amount required for return on the basis of the operation information, and re-calculates a charging time depending on the charging amount. - 特許庁


To indicate a component pickup position by a pickup member even if an electronic component is extremely large to be captured within a field of view of a camera. - 特許庁


Thus, a value and an address of the image data at the outside of X±5% are stored in a density unevenness data RAM 27. - 特許庁

MAC−ehs SDUが並べ替えPDUに収まらないなら、MAC−ehs SDUは優先度クラスに基づき分割される。

When the MAC-ehs SDU does not fall in the reordering PDU, the MAC-ehs SDU is divided based on priority classes. - 特許庁


Thus, provision of information that is not settled within a broadcasting frame, namely, a pair rental control function can be realized. - 特許庁

引数は [0..255] の両端を含む範囲内に収まらなければなりません; i が範囲外の値のときにはValueError が送出されます。

The argument must be in the range [0..255], inclusive; ValueError will be raised if i is outside that range. - Python


When the periphery of the distributed image comes out of the imaging region, the zoom magnification is changed to fit the distributed image inside the imaging region. - 特許庁


When the buffer 14 cannot store the compression data, the control section 22 cleans up the intermediate transfer body or the like to attain second compression and image forming. - 特許庁

指定された範囲のテキストが文字列に収まらない場合に送出されます。 この例外は Python の DOM 実装で使われるかどうかは判っていませんが、Python で書かれていない DOM 実装から送出される場合があります。

Raised when a specified range of text does not fit into a string. This is not known to be used in the Python DOM implementations, but may be received from DOM implementations not written in Python. - Python


The Registrar may, if he considers that a representation of a trade mark is mounted on a material which will not in the course of time preserve the features of the trade mark, require the applicant to furnish a further representation of the trade mark mounted on a material specified by the Registrar. - 特許庁


When it is determined by the determination means that it is not settled within the display area, spaces 1 to 6 for dividing the lyrics included in the lyrics data are extracted. - 特許庁


When the error is not within the predetermined range, it is determined that both the images are not similar, and the contribution data are stored in a public data storage means 70. - 特許庁


To provide high operability when operated on a normal operation screen other than a help screen while reading a content of the help screen, even when the display of the help screen does not fit in one screen. - 特許庁


When it is decided that a situation that an execution time is not stored within a control period occurs because the optimization processing inside the MPC 20 becomes worse, the MPC 20 switches the flag of the switch signal FLG_LC to 1. - 特許庁


When the decision result is negative, whether or not the continuous designation of the field is present is decided, and when it is decided that the continuous designation of the field is absent, another field stored in the number of digits of the line buffer is retrieved, and the line buffer is made to additionally hold the field. - 特許庁


For example, participants continued talking, or used cell phones within the hall, and a rampage in the hall by the group of some new adults impeded the ceremony.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


Further, the printing data is displayed on the page of a virtual pocketbook 88 and, when the printing data is not received in one page, it is automatically divided at the boundary of the page to be displayed on the next page. - 特許庁


To provide an information processor including a new user interface capable of switching and displaying a plurality of display areas each in such a size that they cannot be settled inside a screen. - 特許庁


To provide a microscope capable of imaging an object to be imaged which is too large to be held in field, with high resolution at a high speed in order to form a virtual slide image, and to provide an image acquiring system. - 特許庁


To provide an information providing apparatus for enabling a user to satisfactorily view a desired content even in a long-time content, such as a movie whose reproduction time exceeds time required. - 特許庁


To provide a data processor or the like which can inform a user of a fact that a two-dimensional code, when judged, can not be stored in the code printing region of a tape, and also can give an instruction of the subsequent responding process. - 特許庁


When a machine tool 10 cannot fit the overall outline of the tool 20 inside the field of vision V for an image from the imaging device 33, the field of vision V of the imaging device 33 is moved by relatively moving the imaging device 33 and the tool 20. - 特許庁


The display configuration determining section 43 performs the judgement again by sorting items into a group for each property when the fact that the incidental information cannot be stored in the candidate region is judged and determines the display configuration of each item. - 特許庁


If determined that the pop-up menu does not fit therein, the scroll button is moved (S12) in a direction reverse to a direction in which the pop-up menu runs off the screen, or in a direction perpendicular to the direction in which the pop-up menu runs off. - 特許庁

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